Moroaswi Wedding Celebration. 11 Dec 2021.

Our Company Aural Sense Entertainment provided Wedding Sound for both the matrimonial ceremony and reception. We recieved an Invite all the way in the limpopo province of south Africa. The beautiful couple Dutse and Keanole, met each other at one of our performances and their forever story continues, Im so glad to be part of this beautiful love story. Do you have an event coming up, we have some entertainment and sound solutions for you, for enquiries and rates, email me on

Amulets & Tin-Foil Hats.

T.H.E.M Band

Attempts at a live music sound called Nu-Mbaqanga, a celbration of the South African Live music tradition rooted in Gospel, Jazz and a type of groove familiar when african met western instruments outside of the musical traditions of the church as musical institution and also outside of Jazz as an american (arguably african) musical institution, I have reason to believe that music was Mbaqanga, a cosmopolitan music that gave no regard to the cultural classifications that music of the time was supposed to have… I had to find a band to help me with this… I could have used THE MUFFINZ, but Needed a change of sonics, i could fell it.

This music would be less of whatever it is now if it wasn’t for the genius of Producer Dumisani Judah Ngwenya, a human i met less than a year ago, but we’ve been productive and we’re ready for the world…

Sfiso Atomza x Yamaha Guitar & Synths.

My relationship with Yamaha PRoducts began with entry to yamaha young talent when i was 20. I lost the songwriting competition but continues writing songs. When I release my Debut music with THE MUFFINZ, we managed to secure Instruments in exchange for value deal… Its been amazing learning about relationships and business. The relationship continues, with Yamaha Revstar guitar nd Synth featured on the AMULETS & TIN-FOIL HATS EP.

AMulets & Tin-Foil Hats. EP (2020)

Artwork collaboration with Christian Vanguard of Vanguard Republic.

This was the point where they realised the whole point was to be closer to the most high… at first there was a way to achieve this through addictions and all sorts of highs, and there in their most high state, they saw the closest to the most high are those who overdose. So they came back to realise, it wasnt symbolic at all… it was quite literal, they needed to defy gravity once and for all. The high leads first to the head in the clouds , and ultimately the search for the highest pleasure which is only found in death, higher and higher, never rquite reaching the most high. Because life is the itch scratched only by various pleasures, which you cant have too much of, or else to death. the ultimate pleasure he realised, is getting by, coping, begging… but never quite dying. its like a dreamspace but, in a waking consciousness… a vision space perhaps. The most high is not up…

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