I have been writing music for as long as I remember. During my university days, studying communications… i realised the importance of communication as a function that frames and presents reality. I started to think of ways to communicate to people who would be willing to listen to the communication and its purpose, i dare say Intention. So I started a band with some musicians I had met in the City… Long story Short

There is music below, ordered somehow. First an EP titled Amulets & Tin-Foil Hats. released 2020

Listen & Stream Below. or on your preferred streaming service >>>>

Next up is my favourite Playlist on Spotify… curated by myself, the playlist covers the complexity and versatile colours of the guitar as an Instrument the meets the needs of so many Africans across the continent.

artworks- have yoyu heard
The Muffinz. “Have You Heard” 2012.
The Muffinz. Live @ Yamaha. 2013.
artwork The-Muffinz-Do-What-You-Love
The Muffinz “Do What You Love” 2015.
"... When I check, check the situation clearly,
I realise that maybe i m supposed to be here
playing while praying. If you get what im saying
I had to learn to start doing...
and we can talk about nice things, 
flashy cars, blings and diamond rings...
but all my peace is for my soul and where it goes..."
N’veigh ft The Muffinz. Peanut Butter. 2019
Reason ft The Muffinz. 10111. 2019