Circulate the rand is the BrownSense Brand.

BrownSense.Africa Levels Up, bolsters Intra-Africa trade and opens up South African businesses to the world.

First, a brief history about BrownSense. Established in January 2016 by Mzuzukile Soni as a proactive way to contribute to the creation of a more equal society through entrepreneurship, the idea created an Online community that connected buyers with Sellers. It became a cult phenomenon of the digital kind and continues to have an highly engaging online community of working class buyers and sellers circulating the rand amongst themselves… and now they’re taking it out of the Facebook group and making it global.

BrownSense.Africa is a Pan-African eCommerce and procurement platform leading the pack that is coming after everything, their proposition is simple, giving Black-owned businesses access to markets, whether local or beyond South Africa through ICT.

Since its soft launch on Africa Day (25 May 2020) which took place virtually during the hard Lockdown that resulted from the Coronavirus pandemic, BrownSense.Africa has worked tirelessly to bolster its systems and integrity to enable secure and convenient pan-African trade at the consumer’s fingertips. 

BrownSense.Africa is the result and product of a very exciting partnership with ICT-Works PTY Ltd, a women-led organisation that provides innovative technology solutions to the public and private sectors. Under the leadership of CEO Xoliswa Kakana, the company champions transformation in the sector particularly through her involvement in the Women in ICT forum of which she is founder and former chairperson.

Over the past few months, BrownSense.Africa has fortified its operations particularly through partnerships with other industry players, including Consumer Good Council of South Africa (CGCSA) and the Ecommerce Forum South Africa (EFSA). BrownSense.Africa is also a member of the Consumer Goods and Services Ombud (CGCSO) and is on numerous committees at EFSA. This gives the platform access to lobbying for causes that are important to Black businesses and entrepreneurs. 

“In building the BrownSense.Africa platform, we sought to provide entrepreneurs at all levels with the tools and ecosystem to enable them to scale their business through access to diverse markets domestically, and through the facilitation of trade across the continent,” says BrownSense.Africa CEO, Keitumetse Diseko. 

According to Diseko, Intra-African trade penetration is historically incredibly low due to exports  African countries belonging to the same regional economic communities (REC) making up the bulk of this sort of trade.

Factors contributing to the regionalised trade in Africa include preferential tariffs, geographic proximity and lack of infrastructure to support cross REC trade. Intra-Africa trade liberalisation is gathering momentum through the African Union’s African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), which presents a plethora of opportunities for small business in industries across the continent. 

“There is no better time to consider growing enterprises beyond borders,” says Diseko. 

eCommerce penetration on the continent is estimated to be a very low 1% of the total retail market. This is due to a lack of infrastructure, traditionally expensive intra-African travel costs and expensive data costs in some parts of the continent as well as challenges in the last-mile delivery space. However, BrownSense.Africa views these problems as solutions waiting to be found, engineered and delivered to the continent, by the continent and by the continent. 

BrownSense.Africa is positioning itself as an industry leader in African B2C (Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce, with the first phase focusing on SADC, and subsequent phases focusing on other regions. Our domestic and Pan-African partnerships will allow us to deliver a seamless experience: our local tech-enabled warehousing partners provide unmatched picking and packing services, while Pan-African partners such as Nigerian FinTech start-up Paystack are agile enough to build payment solutions that will eventually allow us to serve the needs of customers in different geographic regions. 

BrownSense.Africa will deliver an end-to-end solution that supports SMMEs, promotes trust and transparency through our BrownSense Verified seal. This will be done through providing opportunities for sales-driven cross-border networking. 

BrownSense.Africa is an idea whose time has arrived. Since 2016, the digital community of over 190-thousand members has answered our clarion call to circulate the Rand within the Black community in order to increase meaningful economic participation while building local SMMEs. BrownSense.Africa is an integral enabler to the improvement of access to Pan-African supply chains, and a decreased reliance on non-African assistance in building these value chains across the continent.

BrownSense.Africa officially launched 19 November 2020 featuring longstanding partners Yoco, Ukhamba BeerWorx, Dear Bella, House of Indiza , Chuck Chilli, and Tolokazi Beer

Sign up at to securely #CirculateTheRand with BrownSense Verified merchants and service providers.


Visit for more information.  

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