The LUNTU index & the future of conscious customers.

South African e-commerce startup LUNTU has launched its platform, enabling conscious customers to purchase goods that align to their values in an easy way, whilst empowering ethical businesses.

As South Africans realise their purchasing power has the ability to dictate the business of brands, this after demanding justice from a retailer who allowed  an offensive ad on their platform… the high reasoning  future where consumers know their worth could be here. It will be necessary to know who to spend your money on and why… welcome the era of the conscious customer.

Newly launched LUNTU operates as an e-commerce website, allowing customers to add items to cart, make secure payment, and receive delivery to their home address, but also allows people to filter with the LUNTU Index, an information card that highlights what social cause a business may have.

Customers can purchase goods from companies that are Black-owned, vegan, recycled, womxn-owned, halaal, LGBTQ+ owned, person(s) with a disability owned, made in SA and sustainable, among other things.

“Our vision for the future is to be the world’s leading mission-driven e-commerce platform,” says founder Amahle Ntshinga. 

“Our mission is to boost local economic growth, provide better opportunities for marginalised communities, and help the planet by providing shoppers with quick and convenient access to products and services that align to their personal values. LUNTU is here to empower shoppers with transparency to use their purchasing power for good, in a quick and convenient way.”

LUNTU sells products in a wide array of categories, from sports and outdoor goods like surfboards and skateboards, to eco-friendly clothing brands, hair extensions, organic feminine sanitary products and more. Ntshinga came up with the idea for the platform while she was doing her postgraduate degree at Wits Business School, and wanted to support local businesses that care about empowering marginalised communities and the planet. 

“I quickly realised that finding these businesses was not as convenient as traditional online shopping – which I was a huge proponent of. I decided that there was a gap in the market because people wanted to conveniently support businesses that align to their personal values,” Ntshinga said.

“Globally, there is a rise of conscious customers; more people want to support businesses that mirror their personal values. However, these very customers are also time-conscious and want to do everything in the most convenient way possible.”

In a similar way to the nutritional value information table on a food product informs customers what ingredients are in the product and what nutritional value it has, Ntshinga believes LUNTU provides the same kind of transparency for the products it sells. Aside from helping conscious customers, it also helps local businesses grow.

“If there is one black-owned business that sells organic sanitary products in the country, but they are a brick and mortar store in Cape Town, they are missing out on potential sales they could have received from a womxn like me who is in Johannesburg and would buy their products,” she said.

The self-funded startup already has dozens of vendors signed up, among them Skin Republic, the largest-selling mask brand in South Africa, and though it delivers only to customers in Johannesburg it aims to be in all the major South African cities by the end of the year. To gain returns on a brilliant Idea and platform LUNTU charges a commission on sales made through its platform.  

The working class as producers and Primary consumers have a right to behave as celebrities and demand what they want, from whom they want, when they want. It is entrepreneurs such as Amahle Ntshinga and platforms like LUNTU that  provide us with choice to spend money without needing to spend energy as outrage when money making spinsters fail to see the real us in their advertisements.

Ultimately its not about respectability politics but its about business… so head on over to on all socials, they are most most active on Instagram it must be noted. Theres a gift waiting on – When you sign up for the first time, you get R200 off your first order.

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